changes deceptive purchase interface in fear of lawsuit

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Bitcoin dot com, a website controlled by Roger Ver who is a proponent of the Bitcoin Cash fork (we reviewed bitcoin dot com site here) has been in the center of weird news lately.

First, screenshots of the site started circulating where it was clearly visible that visitors were urged to buy BCH as “Bitcoin”, while BTC was labeled “Bitcoin core”. This was clearly deceptive as anyone looking to “buy Bitcoin” is looking to buy the main chain, BTC, without getting into the politics of the BTC/BCH argument:

bitcoin com misleading buy page lawsuit

Disclaimer: Bitcoin dot com is not Bitcoin’s official site! The cryptocurrency does NOT have an official site, though would be close to it. See the places where you can buy Bitcoin and make sure you are getting the BTC ticker.

As a result of this, people organized a website and a Telegram group to start a class action lawsuit against Bitcoin dot com and its’ owners. The Telegram group for the Bitcoin dot com lawsuit preparation started getting momentum fast:

Note: if you have suffered losses because of Bitcoin dot com (e.g. bought BCH and realized it’s a fork off Bitcoin) – join this Telegram group.

As a result (or just a coincidence, which is unlikely though), the purchase page at Bitcoin dot com changed over to something that would be considered appropriate by most evaluators:

Faced with misrepresentation and securities fraud lawsuit, Bcash ( removes misleading ticker that earlier identified Bcash as BTC from CryptoCurrency


Please stay vigilant and remember that Bitcoin dot com has never been the safest place to buy Bitcoin due to its’ involvement in quazi-political issues.

UPDATE: The person who was about to initiate the lawsuit claimed he is backing off and refunding everyone who donates, stating they’ve gathered $3700 from 31 people:


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