Bitcoin.Com – A Weird Place To Buy Bitcoin From (A Review)

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Updated September 18, 2018 may be the starting point for many newcomers into cryptocurrency just because of the catchy website address. To stay safe with your money you need to understand what this website is and what it is not. This post is to serve as a little checklist guide for anyone entering in the browser and looking to read a quick review before using the site for anything.

Is official?

No. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, there is nothing really “official” here except for the code supported by the consensus of core developers and users. is a for-profit company that happened to buy this great brandable domain name in 2014. The company name is St Bitts, it’s a limited liability company in the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis., on the other hand, would be a better match for an “official” site for Bitcoin (even though it is not either), since all it does is list services and publishes guides on using the cryptocurrency., on the other hand, is making money from the following services:

  • gambling games & playrooms
  • banner ads
  • sponsored articles
  • selling Bitcoin with a 2.5% commission (+ credit card processor commission)
  • similar activities.

As you can see, is just there to make money.

DO NOT expect to find “scientific”, “nerdy” or “impartial” information on that site, look for that on Twitter, Medium and in Github discussion threads. Review

The main page the site is funneling visitors to is – a page to buy Bitcoin. The way it works is – a user submits a Bitcoin wallet to the webpage, proceeds to pay the market price + fees using a credit card, and gets the purchased amount of Bitcoin credited to their address, same as what you get with Changelly.

Be careful and make sure to buy BTC, not BCH if you want the actual Bitcoin – the website and the wallet app are pushing BCH, which is a separate crypto coin (Bitcoin fork) that they label as “Bitcoin”.

The fees are not low: 2.5% to Bitcoin.Com and 5% (minimum $10) to Simplex for processing credit cards. That totals to 7.5% fee on every Bitcoin purchase. Considering an $6K Bitcoin price you could pay $420 to get it through Bitcoin.Com. That’s definitely expensive.

Consider buying your Bitcoin on Indacoin – the original platform most other services use. If you are a USA resident try Coinbase, and if you live in the EU then BitPanda is the top option. wallet

Bitcoin.Com has developed a desktop wallet application that they encourage their customers to use. There’s nothing really good or bad about this wallet, the most important part is it keeps you in control of your private keys – which is the golden standard in the industry.

Again, do not get confused with the currencies in your wallet. BCH is “bitcoin cash”, or “bcash”, while BTC is the real Bitcoin that you’re probably after.


Bitcoin Cash Controversy.

As you’ve probably understood by now the website is promoting an alternative cryptocurrency created by its’ owners – BCH, or “Bitcoin Cash”, or “Bcash”. If you buy Bitcoin using their app, make sure you don’t accidentally purchase the one you do not need.

The part hardest to digest regarding Bitcoin.Com is the “political activism” of the platform and its’ CEO, Roger Ver.

Ver is passionate about a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork and he was rooting for the cancelled Segwit2x, so much so that he promised to exchange 1000 BTC for 1000 BCH.

The Bitcoin.Com wallet supports both BTC and BCH, but the whole website is crafted to convince you that Bitcoin Cash (live since August 2017 only) is somehow the “real” Bitcoin.

As a result, making sure you are buying BTC and not BCH through is an extremely demanding task, so much so that a newcomer would be happily buying BCH there and expecting it to be Bitcoin.

August 2018 BCH mistake purchases reports

Ever since this article was written moved even further into the direction of pushing BCH over BTC and disguising it as “the real Bitcoin”. There have been reports of people purchasing BCH by mistake while planning to buy BTC:

Meanwhile, the Bitcoin fork pushed by Bitcoin.Com, BCH, is struggling to find adoption, as explained by this Bloomberg article.

So… Is Legit?

The whole business with Bitcoin forks support is extremely confusing for a Bitcoin beginner.

Bitcoin.Com is too entangled in a barely accessible political agenda to be the website where newcomers buy their first coins. is NOT any kind of official website.

bitcoin com review legit but complicated politically Review Verdict:

Consider another place to buy first your Bitcoins. Currently the best choices are

LocalBitcoins for peer-to-peer purchases worldwide;

Coinbase – ACH, credit card and wire transfer purchases for USA customers;

BitPandabank, credit card or PayPal purchases for EU residents;

Indacoin for credit card purchases all over the world






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  3. Jennifer walker says is the safest place to buy or sell BTC.

    1. Staff says

      Sure about that? 😀 Looks like a scam. “Wire $$ with Western Union -> Get Bitcoin” – riiight. Rather, wire your $$$ and never see it again.

      Stay the hell away from Liviacoin, people.

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