Apps to buy Bitcoin – best BTC and other crypto buying apps in 2020

Now that Bitcoin exchange rate is having a break from constant growth, many experts say it’s a good time to start accumulating more BTC. Practicing “dollar cost averaging” or “laddering in” with every payday could be a reasonable strategy both during the bearish and the bullish market.

In 2020 almost everyone manages their financials through apps, tracking all income and expenses using smartphones.

Apps to buy Bitcoin are also a thing – and we’ll review a couple of the top options in this post.

Each app to buy Bitcoin has its’ own unique features – and some apps let you buy other cryptocurrencies as well.

If you are looking for an app that will let you perform quick and secure Bitcoin purchases, select one from the options below:

Wirex App

users: UK, EU, APAC

concept: Real debit cards that are focused on spending crypto; a cashback app; a proprietary coin.

Description: Wirex was the first company to re-introduce prepaid Bitcoin cards to UK and EU, and they’ve been doing a great job with their app client as well. Currently they offer direct purchases of Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and Litecoin, secure wallets, funds transfers and a lot more.

Unique: Cryptoback program that pays you back 0.5% of everything you spend at POS terminals (in stores and cafes).​

>>>> Sign up to Wirex and get your app <<<<

Pros: Actual crypto-focused company aimed at helping Bitcoin and Litecoin users.

Cons: You need to convert your funds back and forth to the WXT token.

Users: Worldwide (withdrawals to cards are disallowed for these countries)

Concept: a platform to trade major cryptocurrencies

Description: This UK company is a reliable platform to buy BTC, ETH, BCH, DASH, XRP, BTG, XLM, and ZEC for fiat money for worldwide users. Deposits and withdrawals can be made with plastic cards, bank transfers and through CryptoCapital. is a good place for US residents to buy Bitcoin instantly with debit card.

Unique: great option for non-US and non-EU residents. Sign up here.

Pros: worldwide operations, reasonable fees, margin trading platform, Non-EU and Non-US users accepted.

Cons: reports of buggy app performance on some phones (older versions).

>>>> Go to <<<<



Users: USA

Concept: Most popular app for buying crypto in the USA

Description: Coinbase is de-facto the standard app/website for buying Bitcoin in the US. The app has been at #1 both on AppStore and PlayStore for a while, which insured a large amount of users.

Coinbase is a large and reliable company, so if you need fast purchases of Bitcoin with a US bank account or a credit card, sign up and get verified today.

Coinbase wallets let you store USD, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Pros: Large reliable company

Cons: Weird corporatist behavior, deactivation of WikiLeaks and accounts


users: EU, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, South Africa

concept: a sleek app for buying, trading, and sending Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Luno is an app created to buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can also send cryptocurrencies to other Luno users. Unlike most other fintech companies, Luno provides services to residents of Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria and South Africa. Sign up here

Pros: Supports several countries that are non-EU or US

Cons: Bank transfer the only payment method, requires ID submission from start



users: EEA & Switzerland

Concept: personal finance and banking app, currency exchange, prepaid card.

Description: Android and iOS apps of this company are taking the fintech world by storm, sporting great reviews on both market. Revolut can be used to buy or cash out Bitcoin, among a multitude of other features.

Pros: Functional product, multitude of features

Cons: EEA countries and Switzerland residents supported only. Plans to go worldwide.


Cash app by Square

users: US

concept: personal finance management app for daily stuff

Description: This app is getting a lot of good publicity, partly due to the fact that it’s run by Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO). Cash app was getting a huge influx of users during the panic buys in late 2017, and that was when they added the option to buy Bitcoin to their app.

Unique: US paycheck deposit and other US-handy features

Pros: mass adoption, large company, lower fees in general

Cons: Not a crypto company per se, Bitcoin features cause “internal tensions” in the management. app

Users: worldwide

concept: Block explorer, wallet app

Description: The Android and iOS app of this Luxembourg company served as a good entry point to many newcomers to Bitcoin several years ago. The web wallet and block explorer functionality they offered back then retained high quality, and they’ve also added the ability to buy Bitcoin (as well as Ethereum and BCH).

Pros: Long track record, ease of use

Cons: limited functionality, no other financial products like prepaid cards



users: USA

concept: wallet app for BTC and BCH, tied to a prepaid VISA

Description: Bitpay is one of the several working Bitcoin debit cards provider, issuing a VISA card for US users. This app lets you buy Bitcoin, manage it across many wallets, and send it to your VISA card for spending. Android app | iOS app

Pros: Connection to a working VISA debit card

Cons: US users only.



Users: Canada

Concept: An app for buying, cashing out and sending Bitcoin for Canadians

Description: Shakepay is an app that lets Canadians buy Bitcoin with credit card

Pros: Shakepay is licensed as a Money Service Business by FINTRAC and the AMF to operate in all Canadian provinces and territories

Cons: None if you’re in Canada


NB: beware of scams while looking for app reviews. E.g. a list on Producthunt, which is a reliable site, mentions several scams like Liviacoins. There are many suspicious apps imitating reliable companies on both PlayStore and AppStore.


  1. j says

    Luno is a scam, they say can’t buy until transfer money then charge $20 for transfer fee, still can’t buy, SCAM

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