Bitcoin Buyers May Now Use VISA & MasterCard Credit/Debit Cards Worldwide via Abra

Fearing Bitcoin, VISA and Mastercard Reclassify Crypto Purchases as 'Cash Advances'

Abra, a financial services and technology company operating an all-in-one cryptocurrency wallet and exchange app, has announced the ability to now buy bitcoin with VISA or MasterCard credit cards or debit cards from anywhere in the world. Purchases may be made on or via the Abra app. 

Buy Bitcoin on Credit

Abra users may now buy bitcoin with VISA and MasterCard debit and credit cards.

Previously, Abra users were only able to fund their supported cryptocurrency wallets using bank and wire transfers, or by directly depositing bitcoin and litecoin purchased through other means. Users in the United States were, however, able to make purchases using American Express credit cards.

The addition of VISA and MasterCard credit and debit card purchases, together with the aforementioned already-established methods, means buying Bitcoin is easier than ever.

Using a credit card or debit card to purchase the first and foremost cryptocurrency through Abra allows users to make purchases between the range of $50 to $20,000. Purchased bitcoin may be deposited into a new Abra wallet, or directly into any other supported wallet. Depending on blockchain processing times, a bitcoin purchase takes between 20 and 30 minutes.

Notes the official announcement:

The actual purchase of bitcoin with a credit card is as easy as conducting any other kind of transaction on the internet. All you need to do is enter the amount of bitcoin you want to purchase, enter a bitcoin wallet address, enter your credit card or debit card information, and then confirm all the details.

And, with certain exceptions, this service is available across the globe.

Abra’s announcement comes at a time when Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market continues to experience a prolonged and severe bear market. However, buying interest is expected to increase as the market leader decreases in value.

What do you think about buying Bitcoin on credit? Will you make use of Abra’s services? Let us know in the comments below! 

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