Bitcoin Adoption Just Got Real in Ukraine, Fruits & Vegetables Up for Sale in Cryptos


Bitcoin adoption is constantly increasing as according to the latest development, the Bessarabian market in Ukraine’s capital Kiev now allows people to buy fruits and vegetables in Bitcoin and other cryptos through the crypto payment processor, Paytomat that support 11 cryptocurrencies.

Now buy groceries with multiple cryptocurrencies

This is what real-world Bitcoin adoption looks like!

The famous Bessarabian market in Kiev, Ukraine’s capital, is now offering the option to purchase fruits and vegetables with Bitcoin among other cryptocurrencies. This has been made possible by Paytomat, a crypto payments processor.

According to its website, Paytomat currently supports Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH),  Nano, Decred, Dash, ZenCash, ZCoin, Dimecoin, Waves & NEM. This is apparently an experimental stage where customers can spend their cryptos for fruits and vegetables.

Aleksandr Kuinnoi, the operational director at Paytomat shared that the project is dubbed “Babushka” that means grandmother has been quoted by the local media source describing the process as:

“At the moment this feature is working in test mode at a single vendor. With the help of cryptocurrency wallet app customer can scan QR-code. After this, the customer is automatically transferred to the cryptocurrency converter page where he needs to enter the purchase price in hryvnias. Next, the customer transfers payment to merchant’s wallet in cryptocurrency of their choice and after the merchant gets a notification of funds being received, this transaction comes to a logical conclusion.”

Before completing the transaction, the company automatically selects the best exchange rate.

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Bitcoin & crypto adoption constantly on the rise

Talking about the idea behind the project, it is to show the simplicity of using cryptocurrencies in the day to day life.

As for choosing the Bessarabian market, Kurinnoy shared,

“The main idea is the symbiosis of traditions and innovations. We chose Bessarabian market because it is a well-known tourist attraction and cryptocurrencies are a universal payment tool in any country.”

This is not the first time, Paytomat has been making efforts to take bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to the mainstream. It has been implementing crypto payments in cafes, online stores, beauty salons, schools, and clinics for over a year now.

The drive to take crypto adoption forward has been propelled through a number of ways viz. POS terminals, single QR code, web panel on the terminal, and free plugin crypto gateway for WordPress. Supporting 11 cryptocurrencies, Paytomat has been working with more than 330 stores.  

In the mid of last month, Ukraine has been moved to regulate Bitcoin among cryptocurrencies as the financial instruments. Bitcoin might not be becoming a legal tender any time soon, but real-world adoption does works in its favor.

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Written by Anjali Tyagi @ September 1, 2018 Anjali Tyagi

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