Big Announcements for ETC!


Announcement #1

ETCDEV has hired 2 new people @stevanlohja and @belfordz. They’ll be working on making ETC the greatest platform to develop on by creating excellent developer documentation and improving the Emerald SDK/Platform (developer tools).

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Announcement #2

ETC Cooperative just received a $250,000 donation from Digital Finance Group. This money will allow us to expand our operations and bring ETC to more people. To date the ETC Cooperative has promoted the ETC community, worked to expand our ecosystem, and helped maintain important ETC resources such as block explorer software and user documentation. We plan to use this funding to continue our work on these goals and much more.

Announcement links:

Announcing $250,000 in Funding From Digital Finance Group

Announcement #3

Ethereum Classic Labs, an incubator for high quality ETC projects, just launched with an initial capital infusion of $50 million! They’ll be fostering the development of high quality projects on the ETC network.

Announcement links:

Ethereum Classic Labs Officially Launched!

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