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Singapore – BHP Financial Group is promising to integrate a one for all blockchain system for its customers. It will be the smoothest way to enter the cryptocurrency market and provides a broad financial products and services platform as well as a next-generation cross-border settlement payment system.

The Bank You Can Invest in and Share Growth Value Together

Based on consensus from their hash power in global mining facilities, BHP Financial Group provides solutions on a platform developed by some of the best engineers around and is looking to lead the blockchain financial technology revolution this year with its ‘Bank of Hash Power’ (BHP).

Blockchain Financial and Banking System Is Ready to Go

BHP sees the difficulties in people’s participation in the blockchain financial market. As popularity grows, more investors want to join but may not know how to join the market. BHP opens a customized service for investors based on their age, financial situation, risk level and other factors, to provide an easy method that every new investor can manage. BHP wants to help more investors grow the cryptocurrency market.

After new investors become familiar with the cryptocurrency market, and as more professional investors join in, BHP will release ‘Wall Street level’ financial products with you being able to manage your cryptocurrency assets based on different risk levels with just ONE account.

With a bank as the company’s core interest, BHP cannot leave out a solid banking service. A robust payment system is the foundation of a good banking system so to create a trusted payment system, BHP makes use of their advantages in the global ecommerce market – YGM, where you can buy various products such as houses, cars, and luxury goods. With high market liquidity, BHP brings new cryptocurrency with real value and usage.

BHPC Native Value and Dividends

All of this fintech will be developed and run on the blockchain based on BHPCash token (BHPC). With BHP owned by global miners providing huge hash power, BHPC blockchain has no problem gaining support. BHPC has native value by anchoring to BTC and ETH value from miners. All investors will get BHP Financial Group profit shares by holding BHPC.

Right now, their white paper has been published and an ICO is live with a talented 50 plus people team working hard to deliver to their customer’s a product that works robustly and provides returns on their investment. The team is spread across three continents and owns tens of thousands Antminer and ETH mines in South Korea, Germany, Canada, China.

CEO Dr Rouger Wu mentioned ‘We’re invested in by successful capital funds and as a founding team with eyes on the future of financial technologies, we’re creating a system which will provide and add value to our customers, With advisory support from Ant Financial and Wall Street, BHP can deliver on our promises.’

When asked to comment on what makes BHP a sound investment he said ‘It’s very early days but where we really stand up well is that we have an outstanding team building this product out. In terms of structure, the blockchain of BHPC is always developing on one main chain. We feel that this way we can better enable the interests of all our investors and the healthy growth of BHP Financial Group as a whole’

BHP’s presale officially kicked off on February 25th with the end date to grab early stage offers being April 5th.

For more information and to ask any questions you might have, take a look at the BHP site and sign up for Telegram.


BHP is a decentralized blockchain financial platform that provides treasury services as a commitment to issuing digital currency (BHPC) and provides global customers with financial investment services in the digital currency industry. BHP’s token BHPC is a common value circulation intermediary for all services and financial products of BHP.

With headquarters in the Cayman Islands, offices in Singapore, China, and the United States, it employs more than 50 people all working towards a better, fairer and more efficient financial system for all.

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