Best Bitcoin debit card – prepaid ATM Visa/Mastercards

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If you are getting paid in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies then cashing out into fiat is a chore that needs to be done. Luckily there are prepaid debit card providers that allow linking your Bitcoin/Crypto wallet to an ATM card that will convert your a chunk of your coin into fiat at every withdrawal.

When searching for the best bitcoin debit card you need to determine what’s important for you: anonymity, reliability, limits, or altcoin support. We have an extensive bitcoin card comparison so click through to it and browse all the cards by the criteria you need.advcash best bitcoin card privacy For instance, right now the best Bitcoin card in terms of privacy and limits is Advcash, issued in Belize. We have not seen many Advcash reviews but their website and the info on it makes the card seem worthy of attention.

UPDATE: since most of the Bitcoin Visa cards got banned on January 5th, Advcash is the best Bitcoin debit card provider – they are issuing MasterCard and not VIsa cards, so they are unaffected by the ban. Sign up for a prepaid MasterCard with AdvCash now and see how it works for you!


Sep 5 2018 updated: Stay away from Uquid due to multiple reports of wirthdrawal problems!


If you need to convert many cryptocurrencies to fiat, that is if you are paid in, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, Litecoin or the like – then Uquid is the best ATM cryptocurrency card for you.

uquid best bitcoin card for atmsUquid supports a minndblowing range of coins – 89 coins alltogether can be linked to a Uquid wallet and withdrawn from an ATM without any exchanges and conversions. To add to Uquid’ score – you can order a card without any id verification and use it for a $2500 lifetime balance, which is a deal maker for many cryptocurrency people.

Unfortunately Uquid does not ship their cards to the US, so if you are there you might have to stick to alternatives like the US-only Xapo or a Shift payments card that’s linked to Coinbase.

  1. Kasha says

    This really answered my problem, thanks!

  2. KU DE TA says

    Xapo is not just a US-only card as you say so.

    1. Staff says

      You are right, fixed, thanks! Policies change. Just for anyone else wondering, here is the list of countries Xapo ship their cards to:

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