Before you panic sell, ask yourself ‘who is about to buy this?’


Seriously everyone, who do you think is buying when you panic sell? “Other assholes fuck them it’s their problem now” ?? When you panic sell at times like this you are offloading your crypto to people who are very aware that the market will swing back up. Institutional money was never going to jump into crypto at the ATH and make all is little guys rich in the process, that not what they do. They manipulate markets, using the media, and they shake out the weak hands so they can scoop up everything they want for fractions of the price. The shit thing is it’s working. Those guys you saw buying lambos and bullshit at the end of last year are the ones who didn’t panic sell after the Mt Gox crash thinking “Atleast I’ll come out of this with something”. Look at the volumes at the moment, look at the amount of coins being accumulated right now, who do you think are the ones doing that? You think a bunch of investors with deep pockets just stumbled ass-backwards into the market and don’t bother reading the news? Think. If you’re selling right now you are selling to rich guys that know something you don’t.

Put the phone down, go an do whatever it was you were doing before crypto for the next month, for the next three months even. Or don’t, panic sell to guys that know exactly what they are doing and lament it at the end of the year. We all saw the comments and posts of people warning that after the bull market will come days when everything drops 20% round the board. Well those days are here. No one ever got rich panic selling.

I’m not frustrated cause my portfolio is dropping, it’ll be back. I’m frustrated because all of us little guys have the possibility to ride this wave up because we got here early, and we’re dropping like flies at the moment. It’s going to be heartbeaking reading this sub in a year’s time seeing everyone who sold now thinking it was the end. Look at the tech, look at the partnerships both corporate and government. This isn’t pokemon go, it’s not a fad that only lasts a few months. Crypto isn’t going anywhere, please don’t waste this opportunity.

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Written by /u/Sendmyabar @ February 2, 2018 /u/Sendmyabar

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