BCKKE Likely Scam Alert – Avoid HYIP’s

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We’ve been getting consistent comment spam promoting BCKKE – a so called “high yield investment program”, or HYIP that’s promising to double original investment in 3 hours.

Their website is a sloppy one-pager asking for BTC payments and listing truncated BTC addresses that supposedly won recently:

bckke scam alert hyip ponzi

None of the addresses are clickable, there are no terms of service and no company info, that is not to say that ANY website promising such returns is shady in nature. BCKKE is most likely a scam website and if you send your Bitcoin to them (their minimum “investment” is 0.04 BTC, which equals to nearly $300 currently as per Bitcoin to USD calculator). Stay away from this and similar services.

Here’s a basic checklist of red flags that should trigger your suspicion with any “investment” website promising high returns.

  1. Unnaturally high return on investment promised. 300% a year would be shady, let alone daily. All HYIPs are becoming scams sooner or later.
  2. No company info whatsoever.
  3. Fake company info that several scammy websites share with one another. See furcoins/liviacoins scam review.
  4. No verifiable claims. No links to a block explorer, no full addresses of participants.

Even if you hear that one of your acquaintances increased their investment in one of the HYIP programs – there are no guarantees that you will. HYIPs are Ponzi schemes at best, which means they take money from new participants and return the investment to the previous ones, so once the critical mass of the participants is reached the whole scheme collapses, unable to payout anymore.

Most sites like that, however, are just scammy pages you will never hear again from if you send your coin to them. The owners are probably hiding in sketchy jurisdictions and transferring & mixing received Bitcoin fast.


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