AstorGame a ‘World of Games and Fun’ on the Blockchain


AstorGame is making a name for itself in the eSports and betting industry thanks to its unique blockchain blockchain-based gaming platform. Bitcoinist sat down with CEO and Co-Founder Mark Snizhinsky to find out what makes AstorGame so special and learn more about the utility of the platform’s ASTOR token.

Bitcoinist: With such stiff competition in the online gaming/gambling space, what made you decide to launch AstorGame?

MS: It is true that there are several companies in this world of online games, but I do not see them as competitors. Each one offers its own platform and different types of games and possibilities of diversion for users.

We focus on what we do best – delivering entertaining, original products to the public. When you focus on delivering an original product and improve it more and more, then it is not necessary to think about competitors.

We made the decision to launch online gaming platform because of the passion for the games each member of the AstorGame team feels. As far as we’re concerned, we never work – we always have fun exploring, creating.  When you do something that you really love, you’re never really working and it does not matter for you what time you spend, you always give your best.

Bitcoinist: What makes AstorGame different from other blockchain-based gaming and gambling platforms?

MS: Our approach. What we usually see in the other platforms is that each one focuses on a specific area, like casinos and betting or lottery or only eSports. We are developing what will be a great overall gaming platform, not just focused on lotteries or sports betting or eSports. Our focus is on developing each of our ‘branches’ to their utmost. For example, our betting and casino area will be as full-featured as our Lottery and eSports areas. Each branch of the AstorGame platform will develop and offer the best possible product.

We conceive AstorGame as a world of games and fun, something that will be evident in our new designs and on our beta platform that is currently in development. By the way, anyone who is thinking about participating should take advantage of bonuses and gifts available to investors who purchase our tokens before the launch of the beta version.

Bitcoinist: Behind every great project is a strong team. What can you tell us about the AstorGame team?

MS: The AstorGame team has always been involved in the world of online gaming and gambling and not only developing products but also creating a company in the gambling world.

For myself, I have about 20 years working for different companies developing software and helping to create innovative products in different areas. Ten of those years were spent in the gambling world where I participated in multiple developments and worked with multidisciplinary teams, carrying out tasks such as the development of interfaces, games, and in the area of planning and strategy.

About four years ago, I started studying and later working with blockchain technology. I was an initial investor in Ethereum and, since then, I have studied its operation and platform development.

Jhonny Cuevas has about 12 years of experience focused on software development and architecture. He is a Java specialist but he experience with a lot of languages and programming platforms including Blockchain.

The other members the AstorGame team each has sufficient experience in both software development and blockchain to participate in every phase of the platform development.

In addition to the team members that are published on our website, there are many other people who participate behind the scenes as well as people who have invested and trusted in our project before starting our ICO.

Bitcoinist: For our eSports fans out there, what games does AstorGame currently support?

MS: AstorGame currently supports FIFA, Counter-Strike, Dota2, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and Halo.

Bitcoinist: Will you be adding support for additional games in the future?

MS: Yes it will be, we will increase our number of games not only for Esports, on all platforms we will grow our services, exploring new technologies and ways to give fun to our customers. Also, game developers can sell and offer their products through the platform’s marketplace.

Bitcoinist: One of the buzzwords bandied about on many gaming platforms is ‘provably fair’ – what is ‘provably fair’ and what measures does AstorGame take to implement it?

MS: Provably fair is more than a word, it’s a technology like AI (Artificial Intelligence) or VR (Virtual Reality). Provably fair lets the client prove that the result was not modified, and how does AstorGame implement it? We create a seed on the server side, which is combined with the token obtained at the beginning of the game, and another seed is generated on the client side as well, which allows the house never to know this value.

The move is made and later the verification of the server can be carried out and it confirms that the shuffling of the cards that was made is the same that was made at the beginning and was not changed.

Bitcoinist: AstorGame’s ICO is currently in progress: when will it end and what bonuses are available to participants?

MS: The ICO ends on April 29, 2018. A 10% bonus is still available and through the end of March, we are giving investors a gift of 10%, for a total bonus of 20%. Additionally, for Bitcoinist readers who participate, they can send an email to to receive a special bonus.

Bitcoinist: What is the exchange rate of the ASTOR tokens and what cryptocurrencies do they accept?

MS: The exchange rate is 1 ASTOR = $1 USD. We accept ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH, and BCH

Bitcoinist: How are ASTOR tokens used within the AstorGame platform?

MS: Astor Tokens can be used as an internal currency to place bets on our platform. Players who choose to bet with ASTOR tokens will receive additional benefits.

AstorGame also provides users with an online marketplace for themed products and accessories. Aside from games, it could be T-shirts of specific teams, skins or virtual guns. We’ll gradually expand the variety of products and accessories available.

Developers of particular games can choose to sell access to their products on the AstorGame platform. It will function in a way similar to Google Play’s service, but more open and with significantly fewer restrictions. All transactions will be automated and instantly recorded on the blockchain, with all records remaining available for access. Games of a certain developer will be registered with their authorship, and the profit from product sales will be distributed in favor of the developer, while the platform will charge only a minimal fee.

We actively encourage streaming, as it is a great way of attracting larger audiences. eSports players will receive rewards in ASTOR for transmitting their gaming process in real time. The reward will depend on the number of viewers, with a fixed price for a particular number of viewers per streaming. Therefore, a streamer who has 1000 viewers would receive a payment 100 times higher than that of the streamer who has only managed to attract 10.

Bitcoinist: Are there restrictions as to who can participate in AstorGame ICO?

MS: No, there are no restrictions

Bitcoinist: If you only had enough time to do a 20-second “elevator pitch” to a room full of potential participants, how would you explain AstorGame?

MS: Astorgame is a great and huge gaming platform where users find an excellent variety of games for Esports such as online gambling, we offer our clients with a secure platform with fast and transparent transactions, verifiable at any time.

There you have it. AstorGame certainly seems to have the talent and drive to create a gaming platform that will appeal to gamers and gamblers of all stripes. For more information, please visit

Do you have any other questions about AstorGame or its ongoing ICO? Let us know in the comments below.

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