Kepler Technologies – Paving the Way for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Innovation on the Blockchain


Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and cryptocurrencies are some of the most exciting technologies of our lifetime. Could Kepler produce something even more incredible by combining these innovations?

Kepler – Decentralized AI and Robotics

From vacuum cleaner robots to autonomous drones, robotics is becoming increasingly important in our society. Despite this, Robotics is still a relatively small $80 billion industry, with projections indicating that it will triple in size over the next few years. Many think that the emergence of robotics technology could have the same effect on the world the internet did – it could potentially revolutionize our daily lives.

Kepler Technologies is developing the world’s first decentralized ecosystem for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics development. The platform will be completely decentralized and will rely solely on meritocracy and public opinion. By connecting talented developers in both of these fields with investors, the barriers to enter these markets will decrease drastically. This will be highly beneficial for investors that lack knowledge, and for small companies hoping to enter the robotics and artificial intelligence market.

Project Kepler aims to build a state-of-the-art production facility right at the heart of Georgia, a historically well-connected location for trade. Its proximity to China allows for reduced labor costs, and the government of Georgia is currently offering incentives for new startups and companies in the country. This includes land at extremely reduced costs and tax exemptions for multiple years. The factory will be used to produce robotic parts and components, and other smart devices that the company is currently developing with other pioneering companies and universities, including the University of San Diego.

Kepler Projects

The Kepler Projects currently has several plans on the horizon to revolutionize the industry and monetize it, the least ambitious being the Kepler Universe Platform.

The Kepler Universe Platform is a platform that aims to provide a convenient way for inventors, developers and innovators all around the world to upload high-tech projects and proposals to seek for funding and investment. It will provide an opportunity for experienced professional developers and investors to connect – developers will be able to share their insight and skills with other projects. The platform will be backed by smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. By ensuring all transactions occur on the blockchain, refunds can be guaranteed in the event that a project fails to reach its funding goal.

Apart from the Kepler Universe Platform and the aforementioned Kepler Factory, the company is also planning to build a laboratory. This laboratory will be integral to Kepler’s vision that they should possess their own products, and thus, they are planning to establish a laboratory to develop other high-tech products to fund their other projects.

The most ambitious Kepler project would be Kepler City. Once the laboratory and factory have been established in Georgia, Kepler aims to eventually transform the area into Kepler City; an area full of exciting cutting-edge technologies. The Kepler City Hotel and Restaurant will be the first autonomous and automated hotel network in the world where all employees will be robots – this project has already attracted the interest of several investment parties.

Kepler Projects

Kepler ICO

The company is currently holding its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) at a rate of $1.25 USD per KEP token, with a hard cap of $250 million. The value of KEP will be boosted by the value of the Kepler company itself, but it will also be based on the company’s assets, which includes:

  • Land Greater than 550 000 square meters with a network of buildings, including its laboratory and factory.
  • A technological university and its campus.
  • Technical know-how and proprietary patents developed by Kepler.
  • The value of high-tech products developed by Kepler.

The KEP token pre-sale is currently ongoing and will continue to run until May 10th. During this stage, participants will enjoy a 30% bonus on purchased tokens. The first stage of the initial coin offering will commence on March 1st, where the bonus will be reduced to 15%, which will then go down to 10%, 5% and 0% for the successive stages. Participants will be able to purchase KEP tokens using Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

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