ARK Invest’s crypto analyst says bitcoin market cap could hit $3 trillion by 2025


Yassine Elondjra, crypto asset analyst at ARK Invest, published a white paper recently that argues Bitcoin could reach three trillion dollars in market cap by 2025. On this week’s episode of The Scoop, he broke down how he arrived at that conclusion.

ARK began looking into digital assets in 2015, when BTC was trading around $250. At that time, the firm published a white paper arguing BTC was unique and didn’t fall into a traditional asset class. Now, it’s published a part two to that early paper aimed at institutions. 

“In addition to sizing that opportunity for institutions, we really tried to look at what the liquidity and volume profile of Bitcoin are relative to other asset classes and whether or not we’re at we’re at a place where Bitcoin can support the institutional flow that we so desire,” he said. “With that…indeed, we think that over the next five years, Bitcoin presents a multi trillion dollar opportunity.

Elmondjra detailed the path to the moon on this week’s episode, as well as:

  • The relationship between Bitcoin, the S&P and gold and what that means for strategic allocation
  • What increasing volumes means for Bitcoin’s maturity as an institutional asset
  • What the main pain points are for institutional adoption of Bitcoin, like the lack of primer brokerage firms and large custodians 
  • What it would take for Ark to gain spot exposure of bitcoin in the future

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ARK Invest’s crypto analyst says bitcoin market cap could hit $3 trillion by 2025 written by Aislinn Keely @ October 15, 2020 Aislinn Keely

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