Announcement: Sidebar Overhaul and plans for 2018.


/r/Cryptocurrency has been a community for over 5 years now, and this subreddit and the cryptocurrency market as a whole have changed a great deal in that time.

You’ve probably noticed that there are a number of new changes happening in /r/CryptoCurrency lately including:

  • Our Three New Rule Changes to Combat Brigading and Low-Quality Posts

  • The creation of /r/CryptoCurrencyMemes

These are all part of new initiatives to update /r/CryptoCurrency and make it a better example of what cryptocurrency communities can be.

In that vein, we’re continuing to make changes to this sub based on the question:

“How can we make /r/CryptoCurrency valuable to both crypto-enthusiasts, and welcoming to new mainstream users.”

As part of this we decided it was time to overhaul our outdated sidebar.

Some of the previous sites in the sidebar were outdated, including ones that hadn’t been active since 2013.

We’ve cleaned up the sidebar and added some new listings based on the following criteria:

  • They represent higher quality resources in the cryptocurrency community.

  • They can provide deep or unique value to crypto-enthusiasts.

  • They can provide education and on boarding to new mainstream users.

  • They can help to legitimize the mainstream professional use of cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

While changes to our sidebar will be seldom, we will review the list from time to time making sure that sites are up to date and reviewing which new sites should be added or removed.

If you want to share your feedback on valuable educational sites or tools that might be worth adding in the future you can join in the conversation at /r/CryptoCurrencyMeta.

In 2018, you can expect:

  • A rule rewrite to provide more clarity for users.

  • Featured AMAs with crypto professionals.

  • New educational resources for mainstream users.

  • A FAQ megathread about cryptocurrency.

  • And, other surprise projects, contests and more!

What else can we do?

The moderator team continues to roll out new ideas to help put our best foot forward here on /r/cryptocurrency as 2018 looks to be a breakout year for altcoins and tokens to break into the mainstream.

We want your ideas on what can be added to this subreddit, and the larger /r/cryptocurrency ecosystem to help make that happen. Please add your suggestions to /r/CryptoCurrencyMeta and help us make it a reality!

Want to join the Mod team?

We’re also looking to recruit new team members to our moderator team to help with our 2018 goals. Consider filling in an application at /r/CryptoRecruiting if you are interested in helping us continue to build /r/CryptoCurrency

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