Analyzing the cryptocurrency value chain: Storage

In 2017, cryptocurrencies saw a spark of institutional interest and with it, a number of new categories of startups emerged:

  • Asset custody: With crypto-fund managers offering an estimated $10b+ in AUM and potential incoming institutional capital, competition to be the premier asset custody provider intensified as each entrant rushed to slash fees, increase asset coverage, get insurance under-written, and demonstrate regulatory compliance.
  • Trade management and execution: With the more interest in the market, there was a significant step up in the professionalization of the microstructure. This includes a rapidly-expanding group of OTC desks (including offerings from exchanges) and a number of new startups building portfolio management/reconciliation tools, dark pools, and trade execution services.

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Analyzing the cryptocurrency value chain: Storage written by Arjun Balaji @ April 16, 2019 Arjun Balaji

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