An Exclusive Interview with the Team Behind the Innovative and Profitable Phoenix Investment Platform


Phoenix is taking the risk and volatility out of cryptocurrency investing with their already proven platform that delivers maximum return with minimal risk. Bitcoinist sat down with the team behind this unique project to find out why they did it, how they did it, and what investors can expect.

Bitcoinist: How would you explain Phoenix to someone who is just learning about it for the first time?

PT: Phoenix offers a unique opportunity to progressively generate profit thanks to constant returns on your financial assets in a very short period of time.

Bitcoinist: Why did you decide to start Phoenix?

PT: We started Phoenix as a way to lower the barrier to entry into cryptocurrency. The intricacies of trading and knowing which coins will be profitable can be overwhelming to new users – even to experienced traders. Phoenix is a global tool of the future that aims to change the world of cryptocurrency. It runs on a self-explanatory financial algorithm that will continuously accumulate your funds for every successfully completed round. Our mission is to create a tool that will allow users to grow their capital while keeping all possible risks at bay. The founders made sure that there are strict regulations in place that apply equally to all users and support fair play. Phoenix aims to bring transparency to the cryptocurrency payment process through Ethereum smart contract technology.

Bitcoinist: What kind of experience in crypto trading and blockchain tech does the Phoenix team have?

PT: Phoenix is not about trading. It was developed by crypto enthusiasts and some of the best mathematicians from all over the world. This tool was made by people who are tired of the extreme ups and downs in the crypto market. Phoenix gives you a unique opportunity to participate in an international financial system that will help you continuously increase your financial assets once you close your first round. But it doesn’t stop there. You will be receiving more regular payments after that.

Bitcoinist: Your website talks about ’rounds’. What is a ’round’ and how long does it last?

PT: Think of a round as something like a checkpoint. Each round has its own target and as soon as that target is reached, the round closes and a new round begins. You can see full statistics on your dashboard when you sign up or in smart contract details. It is absolutely transparent.

Bitcoinist: If I were to “feed” 1 ETH into the current round, what would my earnings look like?

PT: Let’s say you have entered round 3. Right after round 4 closes you would get 2 ETH, then after the 5th round 2 more ETH, then 4 ETH, and so on. You can use Phoenix calculator on the website to see more.

Phoenix earnings chart

Bitcoinist: What happens if the current round does not close?

PT: If the current round (the round in which you make your initial deposit) is still incomplete in 365 days, your funds will be sent back to you. In the event that a subsequent round does not close, the payment is lost because Phoenix doesn’t advance to the next round and thus has no way of making a payment.

Bitcoinist: Are participants’ ETH safe? What measures do you take to ensure the security of your platform?

PT: Phoenix is based on the Ethereum blockchain and uses smart contract technology that acts as a safe keeper of your funds. Nobody, not even Phoenix, has any access to your personal financial information. When you sign up to participate in Phoenix, a smart contract is created between you and our decentralized platform. The contract functions independently while the platform keeps running, and the smart contract will stick to the rules described in it. There are no intermediaries, no third parties to change the rules of the game.

If you decide to view a smart contract code or audit its activities, you can do so by using an Ethereum block explorer suсh as Etherscan. As far as the number of rounds that can be successfully completed, the smart contract has no expiration date, which means you will never stop making your profit.

Bitcoinist: Do you accept any other cryptocurrencies besides ETH?

PT: No, Phoenix community is based on Ethereum blockchain and so we only accept ETH.

Bitcoinist: How much have you paid out to participants to date? Is this verifiable?

PT: Phoenix has already paid out nearly 200 ETH to participants, a claim which you can verify on Etherscan. Once the current round (Round 3) closes, this amount will more than double.

Bitcoinist: What is the difference between Phoenix and the many HYIP / Bitcoin doubler scams that are out there?

PT: First of all, we would like to stress that Phoenix is not a scam. Phoenix operates on the Ethereum blockchain-based computing platform and uses a special mathematical algorithm that ensures safety and prevents any cheating or manipulating of the code. Other programs say that they aren’t scams, but we back it up by making the smart contract code – and all records of payments received and sent – publicly accessible.

Bitcoinist: What else would you like our readers to know about Phoenix?

PT: Users have an opportunity to take part in developing Phoenix.This means that you are also being offered an opportunity to become a Phoenix partner by launching and managing your own landing page and promoting it across various digital marketing channels. As you invite new members to the Phoenix community, you’ll dramatically increase your chances to take part more rounds and, as a result, receive a much bigger return!

What is your take on the Phoenix platform? Would you like to see your earnings increase exponentially with minimal risk? Let us know in the comments below!

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