Amon review – card, tokens, wallet. gives a promise of another debit card that would enable easy crypto spending.

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On our quest to keep track of working Bitcoin debit cards we’ve been getting a lot of comments with suggestions, both on site and on the Google sheets table with all the Bitcoin debit cards. One of them mentioned and we took a look at what they offer for this short review.

Amon ICO and roadmap

First, Amon has no product yet – they are crowdfunding it with an ICO. That’s both good and bad – bad because they can flop and evaporate just like hundreds of other ICOs, and good because they have still time to copy what others are doing and replicate it, e.g. use the same card issuer.

As of now, Amon promise to start shipping the cards (there would be three levels – Silver, Gold, Platinum) by the end of Q2 2018, right after the ICO is over on April 4th.

If you wish to participate in the ICO you can do so here (at your own risk obviously) – and you should be getting a free Amon Gold card if you buy over 20K AMN tokens, which would be 0.15 BTC at the moment.

If you do not wish to buy any tokens then most probably the cards will be available for purchase after all the whitelist and ICO participants get their cards. This could be a more sensible and safe way to approach it, so you only invest into the card once there’s proof that cards actually exist and work.

Amon wallet and exchange

The product will come to iOS, Android and Web and it’s going to be a multi-coin cryptocurrency wallet that lets users exchange cryptocurrencies as well. Currently their website is showcasing an alpha of the product so you can go ahead and poke around it. The wallet will go live supporting BTC, ETH and LTC, later adding more coins.


Amon card availability by country

Amon is an Estonian company and the coming cards will be shipping worldwide except for the OFAC countries (Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Central African Republic, China, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecuador, Guyana, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, North Korea, India, Laos, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Sudan, Syria, Uganda, Yemen, Zimbabwe).

Amon crypto/fiat conversion AI

As a unique selling point Amon claim there’s some kind of smart AI at work selecting best cryptocurrencies from your wallets to convert to cash as you are using the card. We’ll leave that without comments – it could be pretty much anything from marketing buzzword usage to the real deal, only once the working product is out there we’ll be able to test the AI.

Amon Verdict:

Amon is another cryptocurrency debit card contender that has almost finished crowdsourcing their product launch. The supposed shipment of Amon Gold cards will start in Q2 2018 and the whole bundle they offer includes a wallet app, in-app cryptocurrency exchange, an AI for efficient spending and an ATM card. We’ll be following the development of their product so sign up to our mailing list to be ahead of the pack:

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/Our Google sheets table on Bitcoin debit cards has been viewed over 10K times in the first day of existence and gets 20+ comments weekly, this could be where the most fresh info on crypto ATM cards is shared. Probably a good idea to stay in touch!/

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