AdvCash releases Crypto Debit Cards for Russia – EU cards coming

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Today was marked with good news from AdvCash – here’s the full announcement text:

Card program for Russia now live!

Great news for Russian users who have been waiting for ADV cards to go live. Starting today, ADV users in the Russian Federation can order new and replacement cards.

Cards from advcash have many features including free ATM and POS transactions in Russia, free transfers to other cards, low fixed load fee, no maintenance costs and more. These cards are ready to become your great everyday payment tool with their free POS purchases in RUB and handy limits.

You can order cards for free as replacement for your old ADV cards, or order new cards separately and replace your old cards later.

You will easily see all the fees, limits and other important details when placing your order. Just like before, the card tools are in bottom left of your ADV account.

Most important things to know:

– these are virtual and plastic Visa cards in RUB

– you can order up to 5 virtual and 5 plastic cards

– courier delivery to main Russian cities as well as by mail

– Standard and increased Pro limits

– when receiving your Pro cards, you will need to hand over a few documents to the courier

– please make sure you carefully read all info during your order

– cards already support Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay, and will support Apple Pay soon

Very soon, we will be launching the European Union program. A little after that, international cards in USD and EUR will go live too. Thank you for your support and understanding, and for choosing advcash!

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