AdvCash cards coming in Q1 2019 – VISA, MasterCard & Unionpay + more

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July 2019 update: AdvCash have just released prepaid cards for Russia. EU cards are coming.

AdvCash used to be one of the best crypto debit card provider for non-US and non-EU users. Ever since their cards stopped working they’ve been looking for an alternative plastic card issuer.

The rest of the platform except for the cards (deposits, withdrawals, exchanges, SWIFT transfers, etc.) worked normally. Seems like the cards are going to be released soon as well – AdvCash has announced the coming of prepaid crypto cards in Q1 2019.

The prepaid crypto cards program will come in several levels:

  1. Visa cards in USD and EUR for US and EU residents
  2. MasterCard cards for USD and EUR for worldwide residents
  3. Visa cards in USD and EUR for worldwide residents
  4. Visa cards in RUB for Russian residents
  5. Unionpay cards
  6. Cards in national currencies of several countries

According to the announcement in the Advanced Cash admin panel, there will be an option to get both named and no-name cards. Virtual cards are coming as well.

If you have never used AdvCash – make sure you create an account today not to miss the live plastic card announcement.

Currently AdvCash is a very feature-rich online exchanger and online accounts provider. You can work with a variety of payment methods like SEPA transfers, Russian and Ukrainian online banking, local bank transfers, plastic cards, and the following cryptocurrencies: BTC, LTC, BCH, XRP, ETH.

The addition of working prepaid cards will definitely put AdvCash into the top tier of online payments platforms.

Current AdvCash alternatives –

EU/EEA/UK/Canada residents – Wirex (read full review)

US – Shift/Bitpay

Singapore – MCO Crypto card (read review)

Rest of the world – Paycent

  1. Matt says

    What about the MNX card? They already started sending them out as far as I gather.

    1. Staff says

      They are distributing some sort of a temporary solution issued by Ukrainian Privat Bank to those that have long been on the waiting list AFAIK. It’s sort of an exchange service that funds these cards with fiat cash – and not the actual scalable system powered by their own bank they’ve been promising. We’ll look closer into that and publish a post on Minexsystems soon. Thanks for the comment!

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