A Warning About MEW/MyCrypto


Yesterday, the crypto community noticed announcements about MyEtherWallet supposedly changing their name to “MyCrypto” based on posts on Twitter.

There have been no other announcements through other official MyEtherWallet channels, and the MyEtherWallet Twitter has now made a post suggesting that their Twitter handle was compromised and changed without their knowledge.

It is unclear at this time whether MyCrypto is an official project of the MEW team or not.

It is also unclear at this time if MyEtherWallet, or other social channels have been compromised.

While there is currently no other signs of a hack and it seems like this is an internal split among employees at the company – we’re advising the community to try and avoid MyEtherWallet and MyCrypto until this situation can be resolved.

Always remember that entering your private key on a malicious website can compromise your wallet.

What should I do if I used MEW recently?

You’re probably fine. Once again, there is no clear indication of a hack at this time.

However, it may be worth while generating a new wallet and transferring assets to that new wallet via another service such as MetaMask.

What can I use instead of MEW?

If you are uncomfortable using a local wallet such as GETH or Parity, then you can consider using the MetaMask addon.

When will we know that MEW is safe to use?

It’s unclear at this time, we’re still trying to find official updates. The moderator team will do our best to update you when we have more news.

Stay safe!

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