The 4th Pillar is Revolutionizing the Way HR Industry Works Today


All systems are go for The 4th Pillar – a platform which will revolutionize digital identity control in the fields of human resources and finance. The project has officially opened its pre-sale whitelist, offering a 30 percent bonus on a 0.1 ETH minimum investment.

Take Control of Your Professional Identity

The 4th Pillar has successfully created an environmentally-friendly and futuristic blockchain-based hub which is set to serve, disrupt, and forever change the way both the human resources and finance industries function.

The platform will develop the world’s first blockchain-based employee identity ledger, which will provide users with an effective way to enter their work-related information. In doing so, both employers and organizations will receive a revolutionary and indispensable tool to be used in for recruiting.

Users on The 4th Pillar platform are given complete control over their professional identity, as the entire ecosystem provides for automatic, verified, and non-discriminatory professional identity evaluation based on imported measurable data — which makes recruitment simple, transparent, fair, and streamlined.

Because the validated automatic evaluation is entirely non-discriminatory and doesn’t take into account gender, age, race, religion, sick leaves, parental leave information, other parental care rights, it allows employers to focus entirely on the things that matter — education, certifications, professional knowledge, linguistic knowledge, work experience, employment history, work performance, etc. — thus ensuring fair and legal business practices.

Revolutionary Pillars

The 4th Pillar’s foundation is built on smart contracts — computer protocols meant to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a trackable and irreversible contract — as well as IPFS and blockchain technology.

Using this revolutionary technology, The 4th Pillar is able to provide financial security, a decentralized savings account, and a unique wallet system — while also crucially enabling instantaneous cross-border payments with low costs.

The project’s one-of-a-kind-innovative blockchain & IPFS based postal service also allows for the safe and secure distribution of sensitive registered documents, via environmentally-friendly peer-to-peer communication.

Additionally, a digital database of verified professional identities with automated evaluation system allows for the fast, fair, and effective recruitment of qualified employees.

Revolutionary Pillars

The White List Pre-Sale is Now Open!

The 4th Pillar platform enables organizations to transfer their digital value directly, while also saving the environment and cutting the middleman out of the equation altogether. It is all set to become the world’s first truly automated and validated employee evaluation system that recruiters will be able to use globally in a discreet manner – and is already light years ahead of any competitive projects.

The recruitment and employment industry has almost reached sales revenue figures of €450.4 billion and is increasing annually at a rate of 8.6 percent. With that in mind, The 4th Pillar is set to revolutionize these industries.

The 4th Pillar’s pre-sale whitelist is now officially open. Those who take advantage of the project’s pre-sale may land themselves a 30 percent bonus for a minimum contribution of 0.1 ETH. To find out more about the pre-sale, check out its official website here.

What do you think about The 4th Pillar’s environmentally-friendly technology which is set to revolutionize the HR and finance industries? Are you interested in the pre-sale? Let us know in the comments below!

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