How the 4th Pillar Platform is Helping Prevent Deforestation

The 4th Pillar is changing the way the Human Resources industry functions, thanks to its blockchain-based platform. However, it’s easy to overlook the project’s positive environmental impact.

Businesses are Needlessly Damaging Our Ecosystem

One of modern industry’s most destructive effects on Planet Earth is the large-scale deforestation which has been taking place for decades. 

Forests cover approximately 30 percent of the planet — and are home to the vast majority of species and life on land. Crucially, they account for 75 percent of the gross primary productivity in the Earth’s biosphere, while also containing 80% of the Earth’s plant biomass. Unfortunately, these thriving ecosystems of life are disappearing at an alarming rate.

According to the World Wildlife Federation, our planet is losing 18.7 million acres of forests every year — which equates to 27 soccer fields every minute. A large portion of this deforestation is caused by the business world’s reliance on paper products, with 853 million square meters of sawn logs used to make them. This trend isn’t currently on pace to stop, as developing countries are ever more reliant on paper.

Take, for example, pay slips. Companies send documents and pay slips to each employee on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. That means that one company of 950 employees uses more than 1,300 envelopes and 3,000 sheets of paper strictly for verifying transactions. That equates to 120 trees per year, and more than 8.84 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

With that in mind, imagine a company with 10,000 employees. Such company requires roughly 1,273 trees every year for simple document transfers and employee pay stubs.

Recycling admittedly helps cut down on the cutting of trees, but wouldn’t it be better to stop the practice altogether?

Helping to Stem the Tide of Deforestation

The 4th Pillar platform gives individuals the power to build a verified professional identity and a decentralized personal cryptocurrency savings fund. Additionally, it enables organizations to recruit based on automated and verified employment data as well as digitally transfer multiple cross-border payments and work-related documentation.

The 4th Pillar platform is based on blockchain transactions and digital communication. As such, a Dapp (decentralized application) will allow for the transfer and management of FOUR tokens, a working blockchain HR database, and peer to peer transfer of pay slips and work-related documents.

With this technology, The 4th Pillar will revolutionize the HR industry not only by implementing a cost-effective digital system but also by reducing the carbon footprint of businesses around the globe.

A Token Sale to Save the Planet

A Token Sale to Save the Planet

The 4th Pillar’s crowd pre-sale of its FOUR token is slated to begin this month and offers a 30 percent bonus for early-bird participants. Afterward, starting in April, there will be an additional crowdsale.

FOUR tokens can be purchased with Ethereum tokens (ETH), and the project has a soft cap of 2 million euros. Additionally, there is a hard cap of 12 million euros, and all unsold tokens will be distributed between public sale contributors according to their contribution.

To learn more about the ecological benefits of The 4th Pillar, read the project’s whitepaper and lightpaper, follow its industry-leading team and participate in the token sale, visit the project’s official website.

What do you think about big business’ environmental impact on the planet? Are you interested in The 4th Pillar’s potential ability to help stem the tide of deforestation? Let us know in the comments below!

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