The 4th Pillar is Disrupting the HR Industry with Blockchain Technology


With legacy human resources platforms still sluggishly moving through the present day, the 4th Pillar seeks to redesign this model at the individual, organizational, and recruiter level.

Disrupting Human Resources

The 4th Pillar is looking to rethink the way individuals manage their professional history and receive payments. Using blockchain technology, existing barriers to financial security are crushed due to the ability to decentralize one’s savings and send cross-border payments with a nearly zero cost-basis. Along with payments, professional identities can be streamlined and smoothly presented to recruiters.

Recruitment has been an archaic procedure for the last few decades, filled with bottlenecks, bureaucrats, and bedlam. The 4th Pillar plans on replacing CVs, old-school references, and clunky databases with its next-generation all-in-one platform. Work-related documentation can be securely sent and organized, as well as controlled directly by the user.

On the platform, individuals will have the ability to control their data, build their savings, and develop a rich, private identity. Organizations will be able to manage payments, document confidentiality, and reward employee achievements to keep a harmonious workplace. Lastly, recruiters will now have the ability to comb databases, check verified work history against an immutable ledger of activity, and throw out their traditional, clunky documentation processes.

Disrupting Human Resources

The Four Pillars of the FOUR Token

The FOUR token provided by The 4th Pillar offers a wide variety of utility both directly on the platform and as a payments system. The entire 4th Pillar economy will be powered by the token in conjunction with Bokky’s token teleportation service to substitute normal gas costs for the token itself.

Platform access is granted by the FOUR token, as well as the ability to send any form of value to any party. On the community level, the tokens will be leveraged as positive incentive mechanisms and will provide early adopters value in being the first to use the platform.

In order to increase the accessibility of the token considering that it will be used to pay for subscriptions, 4th Pillar will be selling the tokens in euros directly to companies requesting to use the platform. The rollout of their direct sales exchange will occur in September and will continue to keep the company revenue-positive as they develop their blockchain-based ecosystem.

The Four Pillars of the FOUR Token

Milestones to Support the Foundation

The 4th Pillar has a development schedule stretching through the next three years, with feature additions including mobile wallets, document distribution modules using IPFS, and a white-collar management algorithm implementation. With a team comprised of multiple professionals from the HR industry, they’re well suited to disrupt this type of business model.

The 4th Pillar’s platform isn’t still in a conceptual phase, but rather has plenty of administered development. The project has secured plenty of early users and strategic partners in order to kickstart adoption and efficiently market to the greater public. The working beta will be released on April 2nd, 2018 for the wider blockchain community to test, coinciding with their public sale.

Targeting a wallet deployment, identity database, and document distribution, the 4th Pillar is not only blockchain-positive but transparent as well with a public repository.

4th Pillar’s token sale is currently in its early contribution phase, and participation information can be found on their website. To read more about the project, check out both their Lightpaper and Whitepaper. Make sure to check out their Twitter and Telegram channel to stay on top of the latest news about the sale, or to chat with the team.

Do you think that blockchain is the missing component in revolutionizing human resource systems? Do you think the 4th Pillar’s platform will serve the needs of both recruiters and professionals worldwide? Let us know in the comments below!

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